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By Kelly Moore

When your life takes on a tragic chain of events, do you let rage and revenge consume you?

I did, and now I’m lost. I’m a dead man walking, waiting until the day I can get even.

I’ve watched, waited, and planned for months… until a spitfire little blonde sits on the bench next to me.

She wants more than I have to give her, but what she gives me in return is more than I expected or wanted.

But when she discovers a secret that will make my world unravel further, I'll need to decide if I will ever be whole again… if I will ever be able to love again.
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By Cassie-Ann L. Miller

A good girl. A bad boy. Business and pleasure collide.

I can't stand Clinton Alvarez.

My life was meticulously organized, painstakingly structured and impeccably sanitary...until he rolled into town with his bad manners, his short temper and his cocky smirk. Now, he's opened up his grungy barbershop right next door to my pristine cupcake shop, bringing along his clientele of sketchy, leather-loving motorcycle guys with broken noses.

He's infuriating. Having him around brings out the worst in me. All of a sudden, I'm acting on impulse. First, I'm flinging a handful of over-ripe raspberries at his back. Then, I'm screwing him on the countertop between the cash register and the cakepop display.

Waking up with a blanked-out memory on his threadbare sheets is unquestionably the low-point of my life. Except now, the only thing I hate more than Clinton himself is the fact that I'm starting to fall head over heels for him.

He has a secret that will rock the foundation of all the things I believe in. But it's foolish to jump to conclusions because, in some stories, it's not easy figuring out exactly who the bad guy is.


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By Liz Durano

No names. No numbers. Just one wild night together and they’d go their separate ways. At least, that was her plan...

But not everything works out the way we want them to. Sometimes it involves a duet sung off-key... and a baby.

Some one-night stands are just that: one-night stands... unless you’re Doctor Addison Rowe and it’s an unexpected pregnancy — and a story she’ll stick to about being a single mother... by choice.

Besides, after last year’s scandal involving her colleague, Dr. Harlow James, and Dax Drexel, the much-younger man she ended up with, Addison’s got a professional reputation to protect.

But when building contractor Jordan O’Halloran returns to New York after a year spent building schools in Southeast Asia, Addison will need to decide whether maintaining her reputation and being her mother’s “perfect” daughter is more important than finding true love.