In the bustling streets of Los Angeles, dreams thrive or die in back offices and bedrooms. The Drazen clan has been rooted in the city for generations. Rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, the eight Drazen siblings maintain public personas that cover an underbelly of moral deceit and deviance. Nothing is as it seems, except their loyalty to each other.

CD Reiss' Drazen World reimagines the Drazen family through the eyes of fans and this page features all stories published so far.

Drazen World novellas below are featured in random order.

Pick one. Or two. You just might be surprised…
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By A.R. Hadley

I chose Jessica. I married her. She saved me.

But what would happen if the wind shifted direction? If I made new suggestions and changed my line of sight?

I would have focused on the unattainable because nothing was out of my reach. Nothing.

Children. Happiness. Success.

Then why did I have an uneasy feeling? The kind of sensation an animal feels just before a storm? It was subtle enough to ignore yet strong enough to prick me, reminding me that denial would result in severe repercussions to my psyche or my marriage.

Suffer now or suffer later.

I had a choice.

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By Kristi Beckhart

Singe mom. PhD candidate. Cocktail waitress.

I didn't plan it this way, but sometimes things happen.

I didn't plan to leave my family and friends behind, but sometimes circumstances change.

I didn't plan to fall for anyone, but then I met Jonathan Drazen's friend, Sam. He wants things I'm not sure I can give, but I can't seem to stay away.

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By Catherine C. Heywood

1935. America struggles in the grip of depression. Yet happy days are here again, they’re told. Booze is back. Breadlines are shorter. Drought-weary farmers have left the dusty Middle West plains for the sweet and dripping golden groves of California.

In Los Angeles, bean fields are turned into boulevards, farm girls into femme fatales, and dreams and names are made and lost overnight.

Jack O’Drassen is an East Coast Irish prince looking to build a kingdom out of Hollywood’s back lots. But when he meets a beautiful young woman on the train heading west, he falls. Hard.

Minnie is a mystery. A girl with mischief in her eyes and worry on her brow. She has big plans but few words. A bright future and a murky past.

Yet LA is a land of dreams. And dreams are illusions. Even nightmares. Jack’s sanity, his sobriety, even his life is threatened. All to answer one question:

Who is the girl on the train?

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By Milana Raziel

Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can't tell anyone about… like Jonathan S. Drazen, III.

Rich. Gifted. Commanding in every way that counts.

Star pitcher. Campus lothario. Every sorority's most wanted.

Voted most bang-able in a not-so-secret campus-wide poll.

The star of every one of her dirty dreams.

Her kryptonite.

And all he wants is one night.

With her.

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By Tara West

Two months.

That’s how much time I have to woo Hollywood before I have to go back to my job in Houston, teaching high school drama.

I don’t have time to be patient, and I damn well am not about to settle for being a stereotype. They got the wrong Latina if they think Ariana Delarosa Alvarado is going to play by their rules.

I’ve got my own set of rules, especially in the bedroom, and I plan on enforcing them between auditions.

I can think of no better way to relieve my stress than by seducing my neighbor, tall, toned, and delicious Dr. Brad Thorensen.

I only hope I don’t scare away my Nordic god before teaching him how to enjoy my brand of kink.

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By Nikki Sloane

My entire life fell apart once. It took everything I had to pull it back together, and drag the Jessica Carnes name out of the gutter.

And now he threatens to destroy all I’ve worked for—my sculpture, my rebuilt reputation, and my life. All I have is my art, and I’ll do anything to save it from his predatory hands.

Even if it means offering myself instead.

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By Allyn Lesley

The secret keeper...

Jonathan Drazen is a man who others envy. Charmed with looks, money, and everything at his fingertips, he always gets anything and anyone he wants.

The irrelevant...

Growing up in the elite Faulkner household, Katherine “Katie” Smith has never quite fit in. As the outcast half sister to one of New York’s most beautiful socialites, Katie is forced to accept she isn’t wanted or valued by the Faulkners.

Deceit, revenge, lust, and the interwoven lives that pay the price ...

When her sister marries Jonathan, Katie’s life begins to change drastically. Suddenly, she finds herself the object of his desire. Katie’s sister is far from pleased with her husband’s yearning and unleashes unbearable mistreatment on Katie.

When Jonathan takes matters into his own hands, revealing a past nobody expected, will the irrelevant Katie finally become the relevant woman she was destined to be?

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By D.B. Canavan

Worlds collide.
Secrets are kept.
Lives will be torn apart.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jonathan Drazen and Antonio Spinelli wanted the same woman?

Special Agent Haylee Nichols, aka Faith Winters, is about to find out.

Confident and sexy as hell, she is the perfect secret weapon for the FBI to send in to investigate Jonathan Drazen.

Antonio Spinelli has been sent halfway across the country to lay low and stay out of sight. But what will happen when he sets his sights on the sexy neighbor across the hall?

Nothing could prepare Haylee for what she encounters next.

Antonio Spinelli and Jonathan Drazen, face to face, fighting to win the same woman.

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By A.R. Hadley

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
How many days since my last confession?

I dreamt about man number two … again. His hands. The sound of his voice. The opposite of penance. The epitome of sin.

I’d become guilty of cheating — only in my imagination — on a man I hadn't even slept with… yet.

And then, there was another man... The good man.

Man number one.

I couldn't get caught up in his smell, or his beard, his paints, his skin. I’d met him at the shelter. I didn't need to pay attention or speak to him…

But I did.

Man one had become my salvation.
Man two was only temptation. A fig. A poisoned apple.

I wouldn't lose God for a snake — a suit who represented the one thing in my life I loved to hate. I wouldn't give up my creed or sobriety for an orgasm.

But maybe I could have a swallow … a taste. One drink.

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By Milana Raziel

The sequel to The Lesson

It was supposed to be a one and done.

A night of filthy fun.

An itch to be scratched.

Return to our mutual corners of campus and continue to ignore each other's existence.

But that's not what happened . . .

The King of Campus and his tutor are back and playing with fire.

With a standing appointment for kinky sex and a contract to guarantee no one gets burned, they sign away their hearts on the dotted line...

One rule: No falling in love.

Because that always works . . .

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By Tara West

I get a sexual high when I’m in complete control.

The bonds help me breathe.

I feel safer when my boyfriend, Dr. Brad Thorensen, is bound.

But I’m not sure he’s willing to be kept in chains much longer.

The cuts on my wrists are nothing compared to the scarring of my soul. Dark memories of a tragic event resurface and threaten to send me spiraling back into the pit of despair.

Will Brad help loosen the chains around my heart, or will he sever the cord that binds us together?

This is a continuation to Dominate, A Drazen Kindle World novella.

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By Kimber Nilsson

First kiss? Never.

I don't kiss on the lips.

It's too invasive, Too intimate.

I'd rather have Craigslist sex.

Impersonal, Improper

I have one script.

Self-destruction and bad behavior.

No remorse.

Until the day I meet my dark-haired Viking.

He is my last chance.

Before it all catches up with me

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By Kristi Beckhart

The steamy conclusion to the Drazen World novella, Run.

Stock hotel owner.

Family vineyard manager.

Decidedly single.

I hadn’t planned to fall for anyone, but since we met, I can't get enough of her.

I need Eve like I need my every breath.

She’s strong and fiercely independent, but she is mine.

If he thinks he can have her back, he's wrong.

My name is Sam, and I have plans for her. For us.

And he will not get in my way.

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By Eva LeNoir

Tonight, I walked off the end of the Santa Monica pier.

I know I'm no longer alive, but somehow, I don't feel as though I'm dead.

This limbo is the story of my life and the reason for my death.

I expected to burn in the depths of Hell.

I expected to pay for my sins.

I expected to suffer for the rest of eternity.

What I didn't expect was to find my soul mate.

My name is Gabby and I'm in Purgatory. Unfortunately, this is not a euphemism.

This is the story of my death.

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By Lauren Luman


It’s what Carrie Drazen thought she wanted until a violent attack leads her to a life outside of the BDSM world she knew.

Until Malakai Jackson.

His presence makes her question the life she’s been living and her vow to give up kink. He embodies the perfect Dom. Commanding. Attentive. Masterful.

But someone from Carrie’s past has other plans for her.

Scarred for life, is Malakai the one who will lead her back into the world of submission? Can he keep her safe?

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By Liz Durano

My submission to his domination.
No strings. No commitments.

But as long as I know the stakes – that what we have is nothing more than a simple arrangement between two broken people, I'll give him what he needs... and we'll both get what we want.

When a mutual friend gives Jonathan Drazen my phone number, I don't know what to expect. Would he be just like all the other wanna-be Doms who've taken more than I consented to give? Would he even know what the hell he was getting into?

But the man I meet is like no man I've ever met before. He's rich, powerful… and broken by a woman he loves more than anyone in the world.

And right now he needs someone to help him come back to himself and discover who he really is underneath the pain he hides so well.

A Dominant. A Sir. My Master…

Until he tires of me and lets me go.