New Release: Filthy Sexy Love

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Flirty Sexy Love

 3 Short Stories in 1 Novella

By Evelyn Montgomery


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3 sexy short stories in 1 novella!

Better than Expected

A chance encounter in a bar leaves this doctor speechless. Running into the woman of his dreams again in his sister’s lingerie store, he’s forced to face facts and hard dilemmas. Embrace the uncontrollable lust he’s feeling for the girl who dragged him into her dressing room and is quickly undressing in front of him, or say no to any and all distractions.

After all, the hospital has been his life’s work, and he’s never let anything distract him. Until now.

Serendipity & Lucky Floor Thirteen

Crashing into the arms of a stranger in an elevator, lucky gets the odd sense she knows him from somewhere. But she just can’t place where or how. When he presses the stop button and they’re both suspended between floors twelve and fourteen, he takes matters into his own hands and gives her pleasure she’s sure to remember long after their sexy ride to the top.

Walking to her hotel room alone, she wonders if she’ll ever see him again, and soon realizes not only that she will, but he’s also the owner and CEO of the hotel she’s staying at. And that’s not all. Maybe, just maybe, she was right about their paths crossing a very long time ago. Question is, does he remember her like she remembers everything about him?

Hot For Teacher & The Kama Sutra

Practically a virgin at twenty-two, Delilah is curious to know what these crazy sex positions are that her friends keep bragging about. She’s only been with one boy, one time, and now finds herself hiding away in the back corner of the library sure no one is watching as she studies The Kama Sutra.

But someone is watching, and he can’t force himself to look away.

The only problem is, she looks very mature for her age and he’s sure she must be faculty. There are rules he has to follow as a new professor on campus, and he can’t afford to screw up his first week on the job.

Forcing himself to keep his hands off her, he thinks he’s in the clear. That is until he runs into her at the local bookstore and then all bets are off.

All too soon though, Delilah finds herself sitting in his class, forced to play student to the new hot professor all the girls are lusting over. Now that they both know who each other really are, will he act like nothing ever happened between them? Or will he teach her all about what she’s been missing? The Kama Sutra included.

About Evelyn Montgomery:

Born and raised in California, Evelyn Montgomery now resides in Central Kentucky with her husband and three children. Writing all types and troupes in romance, her novels include love stories that center around contemporary, suspenseful, thriller, phycological, comedy and much more. One thing readers can always except when reading one of her books is a twist somewhere between the pages they’d never see coming. With over 10 novels currently published, her goal is to keep producing a fictional world that isn’t forced, but genuine, heartfelt, and desirable.

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